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Gemilut Hasadim

Translates to “Acts of Loving Kindness”

A synonym would be “Fixing the World”


We like to see this more in terms of ‘fixing the world’. Being socially conscious, social justice.

We not only see ti it that all the members of our congregation are cared for when they are sick, when they are mourning, when they are elderly, when they are lonely, when they are poor, but also those in our neighborhood (in the community of Palm Springs and outlining communities).  

What can we do as Jews and as a community? What can we do to make this world a better place?  It’s not only issues of financial hardship and health, but also issues like gun control and it’s religious dialog. Feeding the hungry is also community outreach.  Talking about gun violence is community outreach.

Mon, February 17 2020 22 Shevat 5780