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Look for your High Holiday tickets in the mail next week!  If you haven't joined call us right away so we can get you on the list for High Holidays.  Tickets will also be available on line below.  Join us for an ice cream social on the 21st and another wonderful Shabbat Potluck on the 27th!  Make sure to sign up for Break-The-Fast on line (see below).  See you all at the Temple!  

Welcome to Temple Isaiah Palm Springs

Temple Isaiah & Jewish Community Center Palm Springs is a non-denominational Jewish spiritual community in which we constantly endeavor to keep ourselves attuned to the three pillars of Jewish Life: Torah (intellectual growth), Avodah (spiritual practice), and Gemilut Hasadim (fixing the world).


Welcome Shabbat with
Rabbi Steven Rosenberg
and Cantorial Soloist Gerry Alan Noriega

Join us for Shabbat Happy Hour 
FRIDAY NIGHTS at 6:30pm...
and Shabbat Services at 7:

Note that the only exception is the last Friday of each month starts with a quick Shabbat Service at 6:30 p.m.  followed by a potluck dinner and conversation lead by the Rabbi.   

Rabbi Rosenberg's Friday Topic:  Can treating a bird with kindness and compassion save the world?  Apparently it can. 

MORNING, wake up with
Nosh-n-Drash with the Rabbi at 9:00am
and SHABBAT SERVICES at 10:00am

 Rabbi Rosenberg's Saturday Topic: Just who is Amalek and why does the Torah tell us to blot out their memory "from under heaven."  the answer may surprise you.   

Come celebrate Shabbat, Pesach and a new era
at Temple Isaiah,
with friendship, community and song.

Rebuild. Rekindle. Renew with us!

 Members will be mailed tickets by September 20.

Guests click  REGISTER to purchase Rosh Hashanah tickets

Guests click  REGISTER  to purchase Yom Kippur tickets

Call the office in the event you are in need of financial assistance for High Holiday tickets at 760-325-2281.  


Click HERE  to register for BREAK THE FAST "FEAST"




Add to your wisdom - Enrich your life! L'Chayim!  Class continues THIS SATURDAY 

The Foundations of Temple Isaiah are the Foundations of Judaism -


Intellectual growth - Temple Isaiah
focuses not only traditional areas of
Jewish study but any kind of educational development which enriches both
the intellect and the human spirit.




Spiritual practice - while usually
understood as prayer, we include
other types of spiritual practice over
Shabbat and Holidays, everyday,
and in times of joy and sadness.


Gemilut Hasadim

Fixing the world -  loving-kindness, including social justice, environmental protection, and all forms of  global improvement.


Tue, September 17 2019 17 Elul 5779