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Fixing the World


Often translated as Acts of Loving Kindness, we take this term in the broadest sense as Fixing the World, or Tikkun Olam.

For us this means that being socially conscious and actively promoting social justice as an integral part of our Judaism. It is not just to insure that all the members of our congregation are cared for when they are sick, when they are mourning, when they are elderly, when they are lonely and when they find themselves financially challenged, but also extending that care toward others in our community at large.


To this end, we partner with organizations like Well in the Desert to help aid those who are homeless and economically challenged in our area.


Likewise, there are a number of other issues that are important to us as a community such as gun safety, transgender rights, interfaith dialogue and the plight of refugees world wide.


Please join us in welcoming the stranger, feeding and clothing the less fortunate, enabling others to express themselves and make the world a better place!




Mon, December 10 2018 2 Tevet 5779