Shanah Tovah Umetukah!  Please remember to  mark your calendars for our second Discussion Forum on Wednesday, September 8 at 7:00 P.M.  We will discuss what the "Stay" and "Go " committees are up to seek your input  

Welcome the New Year with us at Temple Isaiah Palm Springs as we join together in inspirational prayer and introspection led by Rabbi David Lazar, and enjoy the uplifting music of Prayer Leader, Rabbi Ariel Pollak.

We welcome all!  If you are not a member and would like to purchase tickets click here: High Holiday Tickets. If you would like to join us immediately following Yom Kippur for our Break Fast click here: Break Fast Buffet Registration.  We hope you will join us!   




Today's Calendar

Rosh Hashana
Candle Lighting: 7:22p

Upcoming Programs & Events

Rosh Hashanah Morning Service
  Thursday, Sep 21 9:00a
Rosh Hashanah 1st Day (Torah Service)
  Thursday, Sep 21 9:45a
Discussion Forum II
  Wednesday, Sep 27 7:00p
Kol Nidre
  Friday, Sep 29 7:00p
Yom Kippur Morning Service
  Shabbat, Sep 30 9:00a

Candle Lighting

Thursday, Sep 21, 6:30p


Motzei Shabbat, Sep 23, 7:19p

Rosh Hashana & Tashlich

Thursday, Sep 21
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Save the date for Jews Do The Blues Too


Join us for another evening of incredible music and banter with Deanna Bogart and her talented band, along with Rabbi Lazar on - who knows - the clarinet, the sax, vocals! More to come. 



Welcome to Temple Isaiah Palm Springs

Temple Isaiah & Jewish Community Center Palm Springs is a non-denominational Jewish spiritual community in which we constantly endeavor to keep ourselves attuned to the three pillars of Jewish Life: Torah (intellectual growth), Avodah (spiritual practice), and Gemilut Hasadim (fixing the world).

We aim to empower our members, and those who come through our doors, to create for themselves intellectual growth when it comes to Jewish heritage, practice, and theology.

We encourage all who come through our doors to take a creative approach to spiritual practice; whether that means traditional prayer and meditation, yoga, art, and/or spending time in nature.

We urge everyone connected with our community to develop an ongoing culture around caring about other.

Founded in 1940’s, located in the heart of the city, Temple Isaiah and Jewish Community Center has always played a major role in the cultural and social aspects of Palm Springs. Whether it’s civic needs, social needs, or cultural needs, we aim to be a center from which positive communal energy flows.

We invite Jews and non-Jews of across the spectrum to engage with our tradition by offering weekly services, educational classes, and social gatherings.


Introducing a new prayer book for Shabbat at Temple Isaiah 





Intellectual growth - Temple Isaiah
focuses not only traditional areas of
Jewish study but any kind of educational development which enriches both
the intellect and the human spirit.



Spiritual practice - while usually
understood as prayer, we include
other types of spiritual practice over
Shabbat and Holidays, everyday,
and in times of joy and sadness.


Gemilut Hasadim

Fixing the world -  loving-kindness, including social justice, environmental protection, and all forms of  global improvement.



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Thu, September 21 2017 1 Tishrei 5778