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Rabbi Sally Olins

Rabbi Sally's Most Recent Column from our Newsletter, Chai Lights


"Every Life Makes a Difference"

A story is told about Sir Michael Costa, a

symphony conductor of a generation or so

ago. During the playing of a symphony, at

a moment when the hall was filled by the

thunder of the mighty organ, the roll of the

great drums and at the peak of a climactic

crescendo, the piccolo player said to himself, "With so much

volume, my little instrument doesn't really matter," so he stopped

playing. Suddenly, the maestro signaled the orchestra and the

music came to an abrupt halt. The stillness of that moment was

broken by Costa shouting, "Where is the piccolo?"


     None of us is so small or so insignificant that our sound is not

heard or our silence is not lamented. Every life makes a difference

in the complex design of immediate and ultimate events.


     Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, "It is expected of each

individual to share in the actions and passions of his or her time

under the penalty of being judged not to have lived."


     Never forget the significance of the meaning of your life!

     With much affection,

     Rabbi Sally Olins